• Patagonie argentine – Septembre 2019


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  • Echo of Weissenhof – May 2018

    A utopian city, or not, in Stuttgart, on the initiative of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Among the proposals of the time that dot the hill like architectural nuggets, the Maison Le Corbusier. The Weissenhof is told in the space of Le Corbusier, an exemplary programme from 1927, the effervescence of the “New Objectivity”. On …

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  • Isola Comacina, residence – February 2017

    Living in this architecture is a singular experience: its narrow viewpoints on the lake and a single panoramic view over the horizon. This majestic point of view, stolen from the floor, in the corridor, appeals to me. Did the architect consider that this spectacular view would be quite distracting? This context is reminiscent of Villa …

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